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The origin of this format is that of the classic Ziti, a type of durum wheat pasta, with an elongated, tubular and hollow shape and with a similar smooth surface  to bucatini but larger in diameter, a little narrower than rigatoni but wider than mezzani. In the "ziti rigati" variety, they have stripes on the surface  parallel to the vertical section.Corti because the culinary tradition of southern Italy requires that before cooking them  The name derives from the expression Maccheroni della zita, a dish traditionally prepared by the bride (in Naples called Zita) for the wedding dinner.The ziti have become very popular in the United States with the television series The Sopranos. We recommend short ziti rigati al sugo  "O Scarpariello"

Ziti Corti Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta

500 Grams
  • Pastificio Gentile

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