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Bronze drawn - Pasta di gragnano igp


This spaghetti format cooks in 12 minutes and its diameter is 2.2 mm. Ideal for sauces given the roughness.High quality pasta, it is not recommended to turn the pasta during cooking.Gragnano in the province of Naples where for generations and generations the art of quality artisan pasta making has been handed down. Gentle pasta factory founded in 1876 artisan factory is the place where tradition, manual skills and energy are committed to producing pasta according to the old procedures, without ever having succumbed to industrial standards.The Zampino family every day, with passion and dedication, chooses the best semolina durum wheat grown and milled in Italy to work them in the factory with the bronze die which is the same used centuries ago, in order to guarantee the roughness of the pasta. The drying also takes place according to the ancient traditional method of Gragnano, the Cirillo method which reconstructs what happened over a hundred years ago on the streets of the Campania town when the pasta was placed on wooden frames and exposed to the sun and winds of the coast, leaving slowly dry the pasta. The packaging still takes place manually in elegant blue bags. The centuries-old experience gives life to a product of superlative quality, with a unique taste.

Spaghetti 12 minutes Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta

500 Grams
  • Pastificio Gentile

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