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Manufacturer :  Dairy Industry Val Perino SAS

Weight:  whole about 2,900 kg
whole measure:  d20 h9   Raw milk no  Pasture no  Organic no  Slow food presidium no  After no  IGP no  Pat no  Stg no (traditional specialty guaranteed)  Curd  animal

Price :  € 21.20 / kg

Country of origin   Lazio region  

Type of milk:  sheep  

Ingrediants:  Italian sheep's milk, dairy ferments, rennet and salt.  Surface treated with preservatives E235, E203  Seasoning  6 months in a natural cave    

Features:  The cave confers and widens the aroma of the product  The cave of the property located in the city of Montefiascone deserves a particular note, excavated in the volcanic lapillus under the historic Rocca dei Papi which thanks to  a natural temperature and humidity gives the cheese a characteristic aroma and a delicate taste.  It is an ancient recipe that has kept the traditional production techniques that guarantee its uniqueness and excellence unaltered.  A legend handed down for generations tells of how Saverio, the host of the hovel located in a cave in Montefiascone, by chance realized how much the pecorino cheese left to mature next to the aromatic herbs took on such a pleasant and intense aroma. Thus was born the tradition of producing a pecorino cheese that is matured on chestnut shelves, placed on a bed of aromatic herbs, right inside lapillus caves in the subsoil of the Montefiascone area.

Appearance :  Inedible rind

Taste : delicate, slightly sweet herbaceous with a hint of natural and animal grass

Service : room temperature


  • Kitchen :  It is tasted alone, or in simple and traditional recipes such as the classic broad beans with pecorino.  Cut the pecorino cheese into slices and arrange it on a serving plate, add the raw broad beans and walnut kernels to give a touch of more particular flavor to the dish. Serve on the table with a good glass of white wine. highly appreciated in the kitchen where it is used to prepare numerous excellent dishes. In the more seasoned version it can be used as a grating cheese. 
  • Wine : chardonnay, sauvignon, bubbles  Beers:  clear 

Conservation :  In a cool place

Some more information

The Val Perino dairy industry was born in Piansano, in the province of Viterbo, back in 1975. The dairy, after more than 35 years, looks to the past with great pride and faces the future with great hope by working  an excellent quality raw material strictly sourced from local companies; this factor that allows him to work a very fresh milk.

Pecorino aged in Grotta Falisca

PriceFrom €18.20
1 Kilogram
  • Dairy Industry Val Perino SAS

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