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pecorino flavored with Pesto Rossi, aged in the cell for at least 30 days and with a soft and well-balanced flavor.  joining  with sheep's milk curd, coming exclusively from Maremma, Pesto with Genoese Basil Dop and Garlic of Vessalico, following the ancient recipe of the Ligurian tradition. Pecorino can be recognized, already from the rind, for its yellow color, tending to green, thanks to the shredded basil leaves. The taste has a slightly acidic hint that recalls salivation and then explodes in the mouth, thanks to the basil but always in full harmony with the delicacy of the cheese. What is most surprising is the perfect balance between the different flavors, obtained thanks to the harmony and refined quality of all the ingredients.

Pecorino with Genoese Pesto Il Fiorino

PriceFrom €7.15
1 Kilogram
  • Sheep

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