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Conserve Gentile are small chests that preserve the authentic flavor of a carefully selected raw material, processed following the teachings that mother Maria has learned from her family and which today she passes on to the girls who support her during production.  All vegetables and fruit are processed within a few hours of harvest, the jars are filled by hand and individually checked, free from artificial preservatives. Only selected ingredients of the highest quality. The artichoke paté from Pastificio Gentile di Gragnano is prepared with violet artichokes from the vegetable gardens of   schito north of the city of Castellammare di Stabia which are considered  of an excellent quality. The "Violetto di Schito" artichoke is a subtype of the Romanesco variety from which it differs in the early production period and in the color of the green bracts with purple hues. It is a vegetable rich in essential mineral salts, potassium and iron salts. The creaminess of the artichoke is enhanced by the provolone del monaco DOP.

The product does not contain preservatives and dyes.

Violet artichoke paté from Schito

180 Grams
  • Pastificio Gentile

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