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From the cold processing of olives, mainly Taggiasca, harvested slightly in advance of complete ripeness, “Buon Frutto” is born. Extra oil  virgin available in the filtered or must version, which stands out for its superior nutritional characteristics and high antioxidant power. At sight it offers a veiled appearance, a scent of fresh fruit on the nose and a round, slightly fruity flavor on the palate. Cold worked. 

Acidity:  less than 0.3%.

Altitude:  200/500 mt. above sea level

Collection system:  bacchiatura and selected by hand.

Color:  straw yellow.

Taste:  medium fruity, round, sweet almond and pine nut with an artichoke aftertaste.

Extra virgin olive oil - 0.75 l

  • Frantoio di Sant'Agata d'Oneglia

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