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The ancient shepherds who moved during the transhumance period used to exchange advice and practices for the realization of their cheeses and it is precisely among these mountains that the Montanaro was born  with milk  pasteurized sheep transformed within 24 hours of milking e  with the addition of sweet rennet, whose seasoning carried out scrupulously allows it to refine its strong taste, it presents a semi-cooked, crumbly paste with a slight hole, with a bright white color due to the presence of the mesophilic ferment. Externally it has a crust ranging from straw to brick color. Optimal seasoning from 6 months. This cheese stands out for the delicacy of its perfume. At the first taste it will seem that this almost melts in the mouth leaving a pleasant sensation.

  The pleasantness of its flavor allows both to enjoy its natural goodness and to combine it with various delicacies. The combination of friability and delicacy of this cheese suggests a composition with tender salads and walnut kernels or even the classic combination with pear pieces, as long as they are properly ripe.

Also recommended with honey to savor the sweet-spicy contrast of both.

Preferably to be served with dry, light white or rosé wines with good freshness and liveliness.

Montanaro di Amatrice

PriceFrom €16.22
1 Kilogram
  • Sheep

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