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Made with milk of  Italian pasteurized sheep, transformed within 24 hours of milking.

The molding is still done with the wooden molds as the old shepherds traditionally used to do with an aging of about 8 months that can reach up to 1 year of seasoning.

Its peculiarity is that it is aged in a humid environment, which allows it to refine its enveloping taste giving the paste a straw yellow color, tending to spicy, but never salty, obtained from the use of a strong rennet that enhances its taste. His  rind is smooth with  irregular shape of a deep brown with shades tending to black as it ages.  spicy flavor to accompany elite dishes or to be enjoyed at the end of a meal accompanied with fig or raspberry jams, it is able to amaze even the most refined palates. Or also excellent to be grated on the well-known Amatriciana.

Accompany with ruby red wines, robust and aged that enhance the strong and pungent flavor of long-aged cheese.

Ma-trù the Pecorino Amatriciano

PriceFrom €35.80
1 Kilogram
  • Italy

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