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A highly appreciated cheese made from cow's milk, it owes its name to the valley in which the Emme flows  in Switzerland.  Its typically hazelnut note distinguishes it and makes it unmistakable in the taste of its raw milk, (naturally lactose-free) while the holes contain the so-called "tears of joy", which characterize the special quality of this cheese.
Only a few preselected  dairies that produce it satisfy the rigid  criteria to be able to deliver their forms for maturing in the  KALTBACH sandstone cave over 22 million years ago that for a case i  cheesemakers of the region discovered in 1953 that the particular conditions of the cave allow the cheese to mature in a way that is unique in the world.

With fresh fruit or a light white wine, the taste potential of this cheese unfolds to its fullest. 


PriceFrom €25.65
1 Kilogram
  • Sheep

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