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The images that characterize the company's cheeses  Fossa Pellegrini  they bring us back to an atmosphere between the chivalrous, the medieval environment and the adventurous novel. Fossa Pellegrini is, with the  Fossa di Sogliano PDO cheese  And  Buried Treasures of the Malatesta Lands , the witness of an ancient tradition that ripens excellent cheeses in Fossa in the Sogliano Al Rubicone area.
The pecorino  must comply with a very strict "Production Regulations" under the control - before a Protection Consortium - now of a body registered in the list of control bodies for PDO, PGI and TSG, authorized by the Ministry of agricultural, food and forestry policies.
Fossa Pellegrini represents its excellence by maturing in its own pits dating back to 1200-1400, with the same method of that time and in the places where Ramberto's own prison is located.

The procedure sees the pits prepared in early August with the burning of straw to sanitize the environment; the walls are then covered with straw supported by a scaffolding of reeds while, on the bottom, wooden boards are placed. The cheese must be sealed in white canvas bags marked with an identification number and, at this point, the pit is closed with wooden boards and sand to be reopened in November, traditionally on the day of Saint Catherine.
The result will be unique and unrepeatable shapes, all as you can see without a crust, characterized by hard or semi-hard dough, straw color and with that typical spicy - bitter taste, so singular and unique.

Fossa Pellegrini Cheese from Fossa di Sogliano DOP

PriceFrom €11.06
1 Kilogram
  • Sheep

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