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Thanks to a maturation of 180 days, the  cheese the  "Alta Badia" has one of the longest maturing processes of Mila cheeses. Alta Badia Mila  obtains a compact consistency and the unmistakable dark yellow crust. This  cheese  South Tyrolean mountain range, which stands out for its particularly lively aroma and flavor, boasts 50% MGSS

The spicy hard cheese "Alta Badia" is as unique as the homonymous Dolomite valley, where Ladin is spoken. It is wrapped in a firm, dry and rustic crust. The paste is straw yellow in color and has no holes. The consistency on the palate is firm, marked, but still smooth and melting. The flavor of the cheese is intense and complex and has marked notes of milk, toasting, with some added notes of potatoes.

Tasty and aromatic

Gluten free





Alta Badia

PriceFrom €23.00
1 Kilogram
  • Cow

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